Relocating to Austin, Texas

Moving a family to another city or state can be stressful and worrisome no matter where you’re headed to. But, it always helps to know a little bit more about the place you’re headed. That’s why is happy to present all the information you can handle about Austin, moving, and what you can expect when relocating to Austin, Texas.

College Town?

With Texas Longhorns sports being in the national spotlight so much lately, you’ve probably caught a few glimpses of what Austin looks like on gameday. Depending on your situation, you might not be that excited to live in any “college town.” Actually, Austin is not at all what most would consider a college town. Austin is the capital of Texas and over 700,000 live here. And, while the University of Texas is certainly a key attribute of the area, Austin has so much more to offer.

Working in Austin

First, you might be wondering about finding work in Austin. In three consecutive years, Austin was ranked third in the entire U.S. for business and careers by Forbes magazine. Relocating to Austin, Texas can be especially fruitful if you’re working in the technology field, as Dell, National Instruments and 17 other tech companies have made Austin their home.

Living in Austin

Of course, Austin has plenty to offer besides just work. Austin also recently ranked third in education among 53 of the countries largest cities. Austin also has a diverse selection of nightlife and food choices. You’ll also find plenty of museums, sporting events, and other fun activities for the whole family.

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