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Piano Movers

Whether moving a piano we currently own or facilitating the delivery of a piano purchase, choosing the right piano movers for the job is a big deal, and it’s typically vastly more complicated than the first-timer expects. The truth is that not all piano movers are as qualified and dependable as they should be, and you’d probably be shocked and horrified by how high the damage rates are in an area like Austin. So unless you have a quality referral to lean on, choosing the right piano movers is like a game of chance where the stakes are incredibly high.

piano movers austin

The worst thing people can do is try to move a piano themselves. It’s a quite a challenge even if you have a properly sized truck, several strong friends and a first-floor destination. There are tricks to moving a piano properly, and it requires a lot of expertise to do well. In fact, moving a piano is much more about finesse then it is brute strength. The other issues with moving a piano is how easily they damage. Due to a piano’s weight and unusual form, a short fall, even as short as a foot, can destroy it to the point where it’s not even worth repairing.

The key to hiring piano movers the right way is to research a handful, call and talk to several of the most promising, and then conduct a thorough interview. During the research process, you want to ensure that they’re an established and respected business, and you want to ensure that they have low damage rates. It’s also important to find out how well they rectify a situation when damage does occur. A great way to do that is to ask the mover for a referral from someone who experienced damage. If they refuse, even hesitate, or swear they have no such customers, that’s your cue to look elsewhere.

Another extremely important factor is insurance. Austin does not mandate insurance or even bonding for piano movers in the area. Nevertheless, the good ones all have it because it’s the only way for them to deliver a high-quality service consistently. Piano moving is difficult, and accidents happen even for the best piano movers in the area. So when you’re interviewing prospective piano movers, your first questions should concern their insurance, and the type of guarantee that they provide.

You might be shocked to realize that many piano movers do not fully guarantee the piano. Even if they have insurance, that is not the same as a contractual obligation to repair damages. In addition, be wary of hiring subcontractors or self-employed piano movers. If the piano movers are not a legitimate business with proper workers’ compensation insurance, the law can hold you liable should an accident occur while they’re moving the piano on your property.

This may all seem so overwhelming, and this why we said in the opening that first-timers tend to underestimate the challenge and the responsibility associated with hiring piano movers. At Austin Movers, we’ve been in the Austin relocation business for a long time, and during that time, we realized that there was a need for a service that could connect clients with the reputable Austin piano movers that deserved to have their business. It was after that realization that we set out to create the network.

At Austin Movers, we set our network apart from other quote systems through our process and our attention to detail. Most such systems are simply glorified directory listings, and they even allow the piano movers to buy into the listing or to buy a prominent position. What good is that to you, the client? In that case, you might as well choose a moving company at random. Austin Movers wanted to create a service that was much more honest and much more productive.

The way we do that is by assessing the piano movers in the Austin area, and carefully selecting the ones that are a good fit for us. A good fit means that they’ve established themselves, have earned great reputations, are committed to customer services, have low damage rates, and that they stand by their work especially when an accident does occur. Then, in order to keep our network at such a high quality, we reevaluate these partners every month to ensure that the prices are still right and that the commitment to our standard is still there.

Such a service may seem like it costs a lot of money, but the true beauty of our system is that it doesn’t make money off the consumer. That allows us to offer it to you free of charge and without obligation. All it takes is a few moments of your time to fill out a brief form with the information necessary to provide you with an accurate quote. Our quotes are good for thirty days. Take your time, and shop them to non-network piano movers, if you like. If you need more time, come back and refresh the query, and when you’re ready to move your piano, we’ll be here waiting to help.

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