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Pflugerville Movers

Henry Pfluger immigrated to Texas in 1849 and purchased 160 acres of land from his brother-in-law, who had come to the area ahead of him.   He started a farm and raised wheat, corn and cattle.   In 1860 the town  of Pflugerville was founded and named in his honor but was not incorporated until 1965.

When the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad was built  in 1904, Pflugerville began to experience new growth.  There was a blacksmith, gin,  ice factory and the town has it’s own newspaper.  The “Sky Dome Theater” was built in 1913 and boasted the first player piano which was used as accompaniment to the showing of motion pictures.  The theater remained open until 1928.

Today Pflugerville has a population of  16,335 people and is located in Travis and Williamson counties.


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