Packing Up For My Move to Austin

It wasn’t until I had already accepted that new manager’s position in Austin that I began to think about the logistics of transporting furniture and having my valuables packed up correctly for the move. But I didn’t panic, since I was an old pro at finding reliable services on the Internet. For me, it just boiled down to a matter of using a good search engine and following up on my findings. So I began by looking up moving companies that had a decent reputation when it came to customer service.

I went out to a few moving review websites where customers can write about their experiences with various professional packing services and relocation companies. I stayed away from companies that had negative reviews regarding items that were broken in transport or companies that couldn’t keep to the schedules that they had agreed on. That’s the kind of stress that I certainly didn’ need during a move! Once I had compiled a list of companies that had received favorable reviews, it was time for me to start asking for some low cost quotes.

I found a number of Austin moving labor services websites that advertised the lowest prices. So I asked as many companies as I could for the lowest quotes they could give me. I made it a point to contact these companies and let them know that I was comparing quotes, so I could use competition to my advantage. In no time at all, I received a number of very low quotes sent directly to my email. Now came the time to make my final selection. So, I personally contacted the last two companies on my list to ask a few questions regarding their techniques for packing delicate items, such as china dishes.

While talking with the last two Austin relocation and packing companies, I got a feel of which one was the most experienced and knowledgeable regarding the proper way to pack up a home for moving. That one company gave me a sense of confidence when it came to entrusting my valuables to their care. And, as it turned out, my instincts were spot on. All of my things were packed well and not one item was broken or damaged in my move to Austin. This made things a lot easier, since I didn’t have to file any claims for reimbursement.


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