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Packing Guide

When it comes to packing in preparation for relocation, the general rule of thumb is to begin thirty days in advance. Assuming there’s a plan in place, thirty days is enough time to pack a large house as well complete all those other common relocation tasks. It also helps if you’ve moved before, and for those who haven’t, we often advise them to start sixty days in advance or even earlier. There’s not much downside to finishing too soon other than perhaps some minor inconveniences.

A big reason why we advise clients to hire the moving company as early in the process as possible is that they’ll provide you with a packing guide along with other resources as part of their individualized relocation package they give to each client. The packing guide will vary depending on whether you’re handling the pack yourself or a packing service is doing it. Even when there’s a service involved, there are steps that the homeowner must take to prepare for them.

Once you have that packing guide, read it carefully, consider how it applies to you, and then create a plan for packing your home in a convenient yet productive way. By now, you’ve likely read a great deal on packing and relocation, but if you still have questions, call your moving company. That’s what they’re there for, and that’s a big part of what you’re paying for, so take advantage of it. In the meantime, we’ll stress some of the finer points that belong in any good packing guide.

The biggest mistake that new packers make is that they skimp on supplies. The idea is that they can save money, but what usually happens is that those cheap or makeshift supplies cost them more in the end. This is why every packing guide stresses not to use the free boxes available at your local grocery. It’s not that they want you to spend money unnecessarily. They just want to save you from the same mistake so many others have made in the past. Those boxes simply do not hold up for very long.

Another common mistake made by newbies is stalling or dilly-dallying, especially when they’re responsible for handling the entire pack. First-timers generally don’t appreciate how much time, thought and effort goes into packing an entire home. This is why we recommend sixty days or more even though the common packing guide suggests thirty. Sure, thirty is enough if everything breaks right, but sixty-plus gives you the breathing room to make mistakes and apply what you’ve learned from them.

Pairing down is another strategy that most every packing guide stresses. The logic is this: For much of what we move, it’s actually cheaper to get rid of it, and then rebuy it when we arrive at our new Austin home. We don’t simply have to throw these paired down items away. We can host a garage sale or sell them on eBay, and then we put that additional money toward our relocation budget. It may not seem like it would be much, but it might surprise you, and even little amounts can be a great help.

Once you’ve decided what you’re taking, you should focus on where it’ll go. A common mistake is to organize your possessions based on the rooms and areas of the home they’re in now. But what you want to do is organize them based on the new home. A common example is brothers or sisters who share a room and will now be moving into their own rooms. Pack so that you can unload these cartons directly into their appropriate room. It may seem like a little thing, but it saves you a great deal of effort.

Your mover’s kit probably contains an entire packing guide section dedicated to packing individual cartons. It’s a big piece of puzzle, and an area where first-timers are prone to mistakes. Don’t pack with reckless abandon. Instead, treat each carton as if it were its own puzzle. The goal is to maximize the space within each box. The more efficient you are in this regard, the cheaper the relocation will be overall. In addition, choose the right carton for the job, and avoid packing heavy items together. When you fill boxes with multiple small items, wrap them appropriately.

These tips along with the packing guide you get from your Austin movers should help ensure an incredibly successful move. If you still haven’t chosen your movers, then please take a moment to fill out the brief form available at our website. The service is completely free and without obligation. We only ask for data relevant to providing you with a precise quote, and it will only take our system a couple of seconds to crunch the data. When it finishes, it’ll return a list of inexpensive quotes for high-quality Austin moving services that match the criteria you specified.

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