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Lakeway Movers

Lakeway, Texas, situated on Lake Travis in Travis Country, was founded in 1962 by rancher and oilman Jake Josey.  Lakeway was thought to have been the site of a resort community and was named both for it’s proximity to the fairway of a golf course and Lake Travis itself.

Acreage was purchased for further development and the Lakeway Inn and Marina was officially opened in July of 1963.  One thousand acres of the land had been developed by 1971 at which time the Lakeway Land Company was purchased by Alpert Investments of Dallas.

Lakeway today is known for it’s population of whitetail deer, whose fear of humans is greatly diminished because of their proximity to the urban areas.  The deer’s combination of lack of fear of people and natural predation is expected to result in an overpopulation of the animals, which could result in their starvation, as well as them being a hazard to people on roadways, etc.  The community of Lakeway has implemented a management program, which sees the trapping and removal of the excess deer population each fall.  Residents have been asked to help with the program by not feeding the animals, as this tends to encourage less fear of humans and makes the animals dependent on people rather than naturally foraging for their food.

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