Is It Necessary To Tip Furniture Movers?

Who does not like a reward? It would be totally weird to know of someone who does not like the idea of being rewarded for a job well done – more so with people who provide moving services in Austin, Texas. Just think of the waiters in the favorite restaurant you are eating. They usually receive customary tips from diners like you and me. Furniture movers do tedious work than waiters, and for this I think that tipping them is absolutely necessary. However, when I say necessary, I do not mean it to be mandatory.

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So What Exactly Is the Rule of Thumb In Tipping Furniture Movers?

Basically, a tip is given when you have experienced an extraordinary service that is above and beyond the call of duty of the moving crew. Of course there are several factors to consider in order for you to determine how much is reasonable. Some of the questions you can ask yourself are:

  • Are there items that they do not break or lose?
  • How much is the amount of time it took them to unload everything from the truck?
  • How much is the amount of time it took them to finally settle down the furniture inside your house?
  • Are they helpful and courteous?
  • Does your new house have tight corridors or have several stories high?
  • How much furniture are they moving? Do they have to assemble them?
  • Are they involved from the initial packing up to the moving and unloading process?
  • Did they endure bad weather on the course of moving?

If you have already answered the basic questions above, you now have to determine how much you are going to tip each mover. You can base the amount of tip by length of job they did, by percentage of the total moving cost, by the quantity and scope of moving, their job performance, and the distance of the point of origin to the drop off point of your household items. Anything between $10 to $50 is ideal for a tip. Make sure that you give more to the foreman or the person leading the team. If you are feeling more generous, then raise the tip up. You can decide to give the entire tip to the team leader so that he will just be the one to divide the tip to his crew members. He knows very well who deserves more tip.

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Going Beyond Money Matters

Sometimes, the non-monetary tip is usually much appreciated. You can show your appreciation for the help made of your hired furniture movers in Austin, Texas by providing food and drinks. Food is necessary especially if the move took long hours or if it requires cross-country relocation.  Ask them of their food preference so your efforts won’t go to waste. Just do not offer beer since they will be heading for the road. If your moving crew has really done a great job, you can even add some cash tip as a compliment for their unwavering service.