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Briarcliff Movers

Once a tiny flag stop of the Houston & Texas Central Railroad, what is now Elgin, was then (in 1871) called Glasscock.  Situated in Bastrop and Travis Counties, Elgin is often called the sausage capital of Texas and the brick capital of  the Southwest U.S.  Two of the three brickyards operating in Elgin are still open today.

Elgin was incorporated in 1872 and a year later a post office was built.  Elgin became known as a depot town and by 1879 with a population of 400 people, was said to be “thriving”.  There were 4 cotton gins, a gristmill, newspaper office, general stores, a saloon and two drug stores by this time and then churches began to pop up in the area.  The presence of quality clay deposits in and around Elgin were the start of the first brick making company in the early 1940’s and by the mid-50’s two others had opened along with a sausage factory.

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