Bad Leander Texas Movers Have Skeletons in Their Closets!

Leander, Texas, is well known for, among other things, the discovery of the “Leanderthal Woman,” one of the earliest intact skeletons found in the United States. Creepy as that may be, it might pale into comparison to the skeletons hiding in the closets of some of the moving companies you’re considering. How do you make sure you’re getting the right movers for your move to the 78641 or the 78645?


Moving Services

Like any service company you contract for anything else, you’ll probably want your mover to offer a wide range of useful services and have a great reputation for each. So, you will definitely want to sit down and determine whether you want packing services, storage services, or similar offerings from your Leander Texas movers. See if the companies you’re considering provide these. And while you’re at it, check out their reputation with the local Better Business Bureau office (or by clicking here).

Professional Moving Staff

Along with their reputation, the image Leander Texas movers project says a lot about their level of pride in their work. So, swing by their operation some day and check them out. Uniformed, professional moving staff? Great. Clean, insured moving vehicles? Also great. If a company has these little extras and offers great services and a strong reputation, you could be in good shape.

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