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Located in Travis County,  Austin is the fourth largest city in the state of Texas.

Austin was first settled by pioneers in the 1830’s and was originally called Waterloo.  It was renamed after the “father of  Texas”, Stephen F. Austin in 1939 who colonized the region by bringing 300 families to settle there.  The city grew in the early 19th century but growth slowed after the Depression and until the 1980’s where it’s growth in technology and industry once again put it on the map.

Austin residents are an eclectic mix of blue and white-collar workers.  Once dubbed “Silicon Hills in the 1990’s high tech era, it is currently thought of as the live music capital of the world because of the many live music venues and famous musicians who call Austin home.

Actress, comedian and singer Carol Burnett comes from Austin and movie stars Owen Wilson, Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey have all held residence in Austin at one time.


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