Austin, Texas on Spotlight: Major Suburbs

austin suburbs

Did you know that among the top places in the United States where Americans choose to relocate, Austin, Texas ranks 2nd? Yes you have read this right, and this was published in website. The reason why Austin is included in the top 10 is that there are way better opportunities for businesses there, the weather is also acceptable, and on top of that, the housing is surprisingly affordable. We cannot deny the fact that local movers in Austin, Texas are thriving with millions of people migrating to this city.

The 2010 Census alone depicted a wide variety of racial composition in Austin. 48.7% of which comprise the non-Hispanic whites, 7.7% comprise African-Americans, 0.2% comprise American Indian, 6.2% comprise Asians, 0.1% comprise native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islanders, 3.4% comprise two or more races, and 35.1% comprise Hispanics or Latinos. Now the question is, of all the places in Austin, which places do people reside? This Texas City is home to five major suburbs. These are: Cedar Park, Georgetown, Leander, Pflugerville, and Round Rock. These suburbs are a great place to consider if you are planning on relocating to Austin.

Cedar Park is northwest of Austin, and is very close to the Lake Travis. In here, you can find many upscale neighborhoods with breathtaking topography. Georgetown was founded as an agrarian community but became exemplary in public school programs as time passed. This is the seat of Williamson County where you can find a Victorian-era downtown that has been meticulously preserved. Leander is the place to go if you prefer ranches and waterfront community. This is situated twenty long miles away from the city of Austin. Pflugerville is perfect for people who are always on the move as it has an easy access to highway 130, highway 45, and I-35. Lastly, Round Rock is heaven for an outdoor lover since it is home to a wide selection of outdoor parks. It is also dubbed as the sports capital of Texas.

You see, deciding to move to Austin, Texas is so much easy. All you ever wanted as a person is already there. That is why Austin is 2nd to the top places in America where people relocate. Of course relocating must be carefully planned. If you are a working class person, then you really need some help in getting all your stuff moved at your new residence. It is a good thing to seek the help of professionals so your move will be stress free and worry free.

There are a lot of local movers that you can hire in Austin, Texas. Buy just browsing online, you can surely find the right moving and relocating service provider for you. Make sure that you pick a service provider that are licensed and insured in the state of Texas, are adhering to the best practices in moving and relocating, and on top of it all friendly and enthusiastic. If they pass all these qualities then you will surely have a wonderful experience moving to your new residence in Austin, Texas.