An Austin Moving Experience

I’ve traveled pretty much all over the world. Each time I set my sights on a new location, I get that feeling of excitement that comes with facing the unknown. You know, it’s strange, but I always have these preconceived notions of the place where I’m going to end up next. But when I get there, the place is nothing like anything that I imagined. This is part of the excitement. It’s the fact that once the moving trucks have arrived, it’s all going to be a new adventure from that point on.

But, fortunately, that’s the thing that I like best about moving. This time, however, things promise to be a little different. That’s because the next stop on my tour of the world will be one that I have dreamed about for a few years now. This time, we’re headed towards my wife’s hometown, which meant that we were moving to¬† West Lake Hills. This would be a completely different king of experience for me, since I had never met most of my wife’s family. And this time, I would be meeting people that my wife is close to – in their own town!

Now, you would think that this would be a stressful event (and you’d be right). But add to the scenario the fact that I needed to locate a professional and efficient group of movers to get us going and I’m sure you can see the stress level we’re talking about. Trust me, you need all the resources at your disposal when you’re looking for people that you can trust with your valuables. That’s because moving delicate furniture (like some of my antiques) is no small task. You definitely want to make sue that you’re dealing with experts!

So, I took the methodical approach and went online in order to find the perfect home movers for the job. When I say “perfect”, I mean movers that not only have the manpower and equipment to get the job done, but the attitude that shows that they care for the customer. This is not something that you can get a sense of just by reading a website. This means that you will need to converse with the movers in order to get a good feel for what their primary focus is. Are they just waitng to get things over with or are they considering the mood and feelings of the customer?










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